500Pcs South Pieces Of Stick Manicure Nail Tool

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When used according to their own refers to the type a little grinding, with a piece of adhesive.
Full patch method of use the most simple and commonly used method of false patch to own manicures, grinding, and then glue on the back of fake nails, nail and nail nails from the front-end to back-end translation and compaction, stick firmly behind the press about 10 seconds can be let go. Then use a nail words cut will be a piece of cut to length, you need the nail plate with lost son grinding edges smooth. OK! You can polish, painting flowers, TuLiang oil, s, hehe!
Patch method of use half and French armour has two nails on the nail method, one is the direct use of a special adhesive nail on the nail, use the tools of the nail polishing to the nails in the same plane, can then be the nail oil, defect is easy to fall off. Another method is to French acrylics, this kind of practice is strong, first or use nail glue to stick French half a patch in the nails on the front end, reuse of block polishing nail seams, cleaning and polishing, the forward from the bottom of the nail shop powder, make of powder connection nail, using the grinding block the entire surface grinding smooth, polished, finally can deeply bright oil!
Is the whole of a surface in both nail stick, half stick only half. Half stick a piece of a printed above, there is stuck, just stuck, put the glue to stick slot, stuck on the nail press, rub with trim, this nail stickers to make true nails and false nails junction of thin let nail and nail look on a plane to go. The other and the whole stick is the same.
13 Ratings
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I loved them.

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