Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser Set

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4 spring-loaded holders. Installation is simple, easy to operate.
It can be fixed on wall , holds the bottle upside down.
The perfect home bar accessory - ideal for Sprite.
It also limits how much of your alcohol people are drinking!
The Bar Butler 4 bottle shot dispenser is a great way to pour a perfect shot every time!
4 Heads Bar Butler Wine Juice Cocktail Dispenser Holder.
Food-grade ABS plastic measuring cups, and, the bar butler has spring telescoping handle, suitable for all size of drinking bottle.
Leakproof dispenser pours exactly 1-1/2 ounces.
It can be fixed to the wall, saving space.
Four spring-loaded receptacles hold bottles of various sizes up to 1 liter.
It can be placed 4 different drinks/alcohol, gently rotating , you can choose different flavors, you can also try mixing.
Using wall rails gives an instant uniformed display across your back bar, the bottles are evenly spaced on the rail, no need to align each bottle individually.
Products Name Bar Butler
Type Wine Bottle Holder
Material Plastic, Aluminum and Food-grade ABS
Weight 0.69KG
Package Weight 0.94KG
Package Dimension (H*W*L) 23×11×35 (9.01 ×4.33 ×13.8 )
After assembly, the height is about 36cm ( 14.2inch)
Suitable height between 23cm to 34cm.
* When you want to drink , place your glass against the bottom propeller and push up. Or you can use your hands to push.
* Designed to securely hold 4 bottles, you can choose what you want to drink.
* And please note that the product is not stainless steel. But still can meet your needs.
Package Included
1×4 Heads Stainless Still Bar Butler
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